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Can You Hear That Train A Comin’?

  Jukebox Leigh, 2013 While Leigh sings Johnny Cash and other classics we need to keep in mind how important our hearing is with respect to work safety and overall health. Sometimes our inner rock star compels us to boost the volume control right to "11" because we just can't get enough of

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Boundary Trail Railway Company

The BTRC is a locally owned shortline railway in south central Manitoba. The BTRC began 8 years ago when the CP sold the railway between Binney and Morden in the Pembina and Stanley municipalities. The track was scheduled for salvage when members of the local agricultural community struck a deal to purchase 23 route miles

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Canada’s Number One Industrial Railway Safety Forum

We Can't Thank You Enough! The Industrial Railway Safety Conference is a growing forum for health and safety professionals, railway operators, suppliers and regulators to all come together and to gain insight on the most up-to-date information on Safety, Technology, Operations Management, and Rules and Regulations. The success of this event has largely been the

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Rail Trail

The Okanagan Rail Trail is Rolling Along Okanagan Rail Trail website front page There are rare occasions where a defunct railway can leave a legacy behind in the way of a Park. In BC the Okanagan line between Coldstream and Kelowna is managing exactly that. The original CN line was converted to a

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Derail Use to Protect Employees

IROR Rule 23 Derails Derail properly installed on rail Derails are used to protect employees and equipment while employees are loading/unloading equipment with dangerous goods. Rule 23.4 reads: “Derails must be left secured with a locking device controlled by the facility when equipment containing dangerous goods is being loaded or unloaded”. Scenario You

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day November 11th Veterans "Lest We Forget" Memorial and Canadian Flag, St. Catherines, Ontario - Source RCL On Friday November 11th we will be honoring our Veterans in Canada for their courageous service to our country and to those who have supported us in the fight for freedom and human rights. We

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$55 Million for Rail Safety

$55 Million for Rail Safety at Public Railway Crossings Last week on October 12th Marc Garneau the Transport Minister made an announcement on a new commitment to railway safety across Canada.  The Federal Government is making available $55 million over a three year period. Last year there where a reported 46 deaths in Canada, many

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The Skeena

Jasper to Prince Rupert on the Skeena Jasper, Alberta For many of us a love of trains is one reason we are involved in the Industry. In Canada we are fortunate to have arguably, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And there is something special about viewing the landscape from

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Voice and Video Recorders on Locomotives

Locomotive Cameras now recommended by the TSB The report from the Transportation Safety Board on expanding the use of locomotive voice and video recorders in Canada, was released on September 19th in Gatineau, Quebec. The study comes from a joint effort including Transport Canada, the Railway Association of Canada, CP Railway, CN Railway, VIA Rail,

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Railway Sustainability – A look for Greener Solutions

Environmental issues extend beyond spills and accidents Rail proximity is an issue in Canada but not quite as bad as Thailand Long before "green solutions" become mainstream buzz words, the North American railway industry was implementing solutions that are simply good business, while being smart environmentally. Railways have for years been working towards;

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