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Voice and Video Recorders on Locomotives

Locomotive Cameras now recommended by the TSB The report from the Transportation Safety Board on expanding the use of locomotive voice and video recorders in Canada, was released on September 19th in Gatineau, Quebec. The study comes from a joint effort including Transport Canada, the Railway Association of Canada, CP Railway, CN Railway, VIA Rail,

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Railway Sustainability – A look for Greener Solutions

Environmental issues extend beyond spills and accidents Rail proximity is an issue in Canada but not quite as bad as Thailand Long before "green solutions" become mainstream buzz words, the North American railway industry was implementing solutions that are simply good business, while being smart environmentally. Railways have for years been working towards;

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The 2016 Industrial Railway Safety Conference on October 25

This year brings an excellent group of leaders to the conference The Canadian Heartland Training Railway Services, Dominion Railway Services and Northern Plains Railway Services, are at it again! For the second year in a row, they are inviting people from all over North America to attend 2016 Industrial Railway Safety Conference on October 25

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Railway Safety – Back to School

Railway Safety and Our Kids With School back in session and our families and kids busy getting to and from school there is a need to be aware of our public railways and safety around Railway tracks and crossings. This month Operation Lifesaver, the non profit public safety education and awareness organization is running their

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Restricted Clearances – What to do

Special Consideration must be given when encountering Restricted Clearance Signs Restricted clearances exist in a variety of locations on a railway. Some of the most familiar are seen with overhead bridge crossings. Others exist for the side clearance on railcars. These tend to be less obvious and not always as clearly marked as an overhead

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Transportation Canada Rail Safety Updates

On August 15th Transportation Canada updated their Rail Safety information at the Transportation Canada website Here are a few highlights. With over 48,000 Kilometers of railway track in Canada we are one of the world largest rail networks. Increased demand on our railways for transportation of dangerous goods like crude oil and fuels is on

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