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Blue Flag Requirements

When is a Blue Flag Required.

Blue flag protection must be in place anytime persons are working on or around railway cars when…

  1. blueflagTransloading dangerous goods
  2. Transloading non-dangerous goods
  3. When inspecting railway equipment
  4. Repairing railway equipment

and any other situation where persons could be at risk of an unintended movement.  The regulatory requirements for the use of blue flag protection can be  found in the Alberta Industrial Railway Regulations:

  • Schedule 1 Industrial Railway Operating Rules, Signal Rules Section 8 Blue Flag Protection
  • Schedule 7 Industrial Railway Transfer of Dangerous Goods Rules Section 12 Sign Required.

In addition to the blue flag protection, when transloading dangerous goods, a locked derail is required to protect the loading area.

For other dangerous goods rail requirements please refer to Schedule 7 Industrial Railway Transfer of Dangerous Goods Rules.

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