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The Polar Express & the Alberta Prairie Railway

All aboard! The next stop…  the North Pole!



This year in Stettler Alberta a very special experience awaits children of all ages. From Dec 1st to the 21st on special weeknights and weekends a magical train ride to the North Pole occurs on The Polar Express.

Your first class ticket takes you on a round trip to the North Pole with departures from Stettler at 4 PM and 6 PM respectfully. Your family will experience the magic of the Warner Brothers Christmas Classic receiving delicious hot chocolate and cookies from the onboard chefs and arriving safe and sound at the North Pole just in time to meet Santa. Those under 12 years of age will receive the First Gift Of Christmas on the trip back to Stettler.

This real life adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg’s The Polar Express is an amazing memory to share with family and friends and the entire production took an incredible amount of hard work and effort by Alberta Prairie Steam Tours.

We talked to Della Harris from Alberta Prairie about this year’s preparations. Here are a few comments to give you an inside look at what is involved in a Warner Brothers experience this close to the North Pole.

The planning for the production began in April and construction and preparations began in August this year. The train ride is a true experience that recreates many of the magical moments on The Polar Express. Here are a few details;

  • Alberta Prairie has baked 9500 Chocolate Chip cookies, all officially 3.5 inch in diameter
  • 93 commercial size tins of hot chocolate have been purchased
  • Up to 12,000 mugs of hot chocolate will be served
  • All seats are first class and each passenger will receive a mug as a souvenir
  • 24 APR employees are involved and supported by 50 cooks, elves, helpers and of course Santa himself
  • The train is decorated with approx 5000 feet of lights and 1300 feet of garland
  • 54 Sheets of plywood have been used to recreate the North Pole and all of the wonderful brick buildings used in the scenes
  • Santa’s Sleigh has been built and includes a huge 12 foot diameter bag of toys
  • A special 35 foot Christmas tree has been planted at the North Pole and will be lit up and decorated in gold

Della says the best part of the experience so far has been the amazing effort by everyone getting ready to see The Polar Express in action. We are sure that the experience of seeing children’s faces fill with wonder and joy will make it all worthwhile.

Alberta Prairie Railway provides the Holiday season with this delightful 1 hour train ride from their railway station in Stettler, Alberta. Just 1 hour east of Red Deer and approx 2 1/2 Hours from Calgary and Edmonton. Come wind, rain, snow or hail The Polar Express will take you on a wonderful train ride guaranteed to make you BELIEVE in the Christmas spirit.


Location and Map

The Alberta Prairie Railway recommends coming ½ hour early to ensure a smooth departure because you know The Polar Express is always on time. Please call to book early 403-742-2811. They are located at 4712 47 Ave, Stettler.

The nights of December 16, 17, 18 are already sold out so please visit their website for more details at


And read more about the amazing train ride at

their FAQ PAGE

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