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Rail Safety – Top of Mind

Next week is Railway Safety week in Canada and the US. We should all be familiar with Operation Lifesaver and their hard work at keeping the public and railway workers aware of the dangers around our railways.

This year a Railway Safety poster has been printed with Operation Lifesaver and CN. A copy of the Poster can be DOWNLOADED HERE.

There are ten top of mind Railway Safety items on the list. here is a quick overview of these Railway Safety Tips

  1. Speed Misperception – Trains move faster than they appear due to their size
  2. Trains can not stop quickly – the average train takes 2 Km to stop
  3. Trespassing – taking a shortcut along a railway is trespassing and illegal
  4. Weight Ratio – trains weight 5,500 tons a car is 1.5 tons
  5. Railway Cars – Stoppedrail cars can move at any time
  6. Tunnels & Bridges – These are designed for trains only trespassing can result in injury or death  
  7. Overhangs – trains can have loads and items that are wider than the cars. If you are too close you can get hit
  8. Any Time is Train Time – Trains are not always on schedule and can come from any direction
  9. Safety Line – CN has a phone line for reporting unsafe conditions – call – 1-800-465-9239
  10. Pledge for Safety – Promote Safe railroading and visit the My Safety Pledge website from CN for a great interactive tool


CHTR wishes everyone safe and productive railroading in 2017



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