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Railway Safety Week April 24 – 30

This month features Railway Safety Week across Canada and the USA.

Canadian Heartland Training Railway and their partners are advocates of safe railroading and work effortlessly to ensure their training and rail services are focused on safe and productive railroads. Operation Lifesave works on several fronts to ensure that the public continues to be informed about Railway hazards and how to best avoid injury or accidents involving trains. Some of the initiatives include the following.


This group is passionate about taking photos of trains. There has always been a fascination around the railway industry and some of the best photos available are from amateur fans. Operation Lifesaver embraces the passion for trains but warns railfans to avoid getting onto the tracks to get the perfect shot.

Look Listen Live

A promotion underway focuses on the simple task of being aware when you are near a railway. Train safety and education starts with paying attention to the signs of danger. Whether you are cycling, walking or driving a car you need to be alert and watching for the signs of oncoming trains. Due to their size trains appear to be farther away and moving slower than they actually are. Understanding this misperception is one of the most important lessons you can share.

 See Tracks? Think Train!

In Canada and the USA Community Services Organizations are working to identify and mark high risk intersections and pedestrian crossings. These crossings are receiving new sidewalk signs that feature bold warning signs to remind locals to Think about oncoming trains as they follow their daily routines.

Painted directly on the path or sidewalk these signs have great impact for people approaching railway crossings and help to build awareness when it is needed most. CN is helping with this initiative in high risk corridors.

Unfortunately this year has seen an increase in railway injuries in the first three months in Canada. While we work as a whole to improve our safety and awareness it is an excellent time to share the information available from Operation Livesaver during railway Safety Week. Material and educational items are available from their website at


A great download is also available at


Across our network, it’s important to remind the public to be hyper-vigilant around railway crossings, and know that any route that includes illegally crossing or using railway tracks is the wrong route. – Ken Marchant, CP Police Chief

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