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Rail Car Storage

The Canadian Heartland Training Railway partners with Alberta Prairie Railway to provide rail car storage.

The CHTRS partners with Alberta Prairie Railway (APR), at Stettler, Alberta to provide rail car storage for clients that need space to store rail cars on a short-term or longer basis. APR owns and operates the former CWR lines at Stettler, AB. The CHTRS acts as agents for Alberta Prairie Railway.

There are 400 car spots of storage capacity at the site. We handle all empty cars except those last containing Toxic Inhalation Hazard Products. APR also has trans-loading capabilities for a variety of products.

Our Location

Our rail car storage facility is served by CPR on the Lacombe Subdivision. We connect at West Stettler.

For Rates and Space Availability

Joe Bracken  –  T: (403) 601-8731   E: joebracken@chtr.ca

Billing Information

CPRS STLER APR;  For Alberta Prairie Railway Storage;  Stettler Station 8439

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