The Canadian Heartland Training Railway Services (“CHTRS”) provides high-quality rail technical training and consulting services such as risk assessments, confidential external safety auditing, and the development and maintenance of Safety Management Systems.

CHTRS is a recognized industry training leader in serving customers that perform in-plant switching of rail cars at grain elevators, mines, refineries, and transloading/manufacturing facilities across Canada.   CHTRS is also a valued training and employee development partner of short line railways.

Uniquely, CHTRS has access for practical training purposes to two active short line railway operations in western Canada.  This allows CHTRS to provide its clients with an off-site training experience that features live rail operations, modern equipment used on a daily basis in the railway industry, and qualified instructors who ensure the safety of all participating.

The CHTRS has an intimate knowledge of both Provincial and Federal railway regulations.  In Alberta, The CHTRS led the initiative to develop regulations specifically for industrial railways that address their operating characteristics.  The CHTRS has also been active in the development of new Federal Safety Management Systems designed to meet regulatory requirements of “Local Railways.”

The CHTRS believes that safety and productivity go hand in hand and are mutually interdependent, and simply that “A Safe Operation is A Productive Operation.”  Our experienced training associates have a combined 600 plus years of railroading experience and their focus on safe operations is unparalleled.

Since its inception in 2004, CHTRS has trained well over 5,000 individuals at over 500+ companies.  The CHTRS has excellent relationships with the Railway Association of Canada, Canadian Pacific, and CN.  Our industrial clients include members of the agricultural, forest products, oil and gas, coal, potash, and petro-chemical shipping communities.