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Risk Assessment

Working in a rail yard whether there is moving equipment involved or it is a static operation is quite safe as long as the personnel involved are well trained and can demonstrate they can perform their tasks the right way following regulations and safe work procedures.
Performing a risk assessment is at the root of understanding the hazards and possible undesired events that can occur in a rail operation.  The information developed from a risk assessment forms the basis of the development of safe work procedures to be adopted in instruction manuals and training.

The basis for developing effective rail operations procedures is understanding the risks associated with operating in a railway yard.  Our associates understand this and with their collective experience, we have analyzed 19 fundamental tasks of working in a rail yard –  from Walking in a Rail Yard to Spotting and Lifting Cars in Switching Operations.  We have used this information to further focus our training materials on providing our participants with risk management tools.

Further, this information is available to our clients to inform their risk assessments of their operations and to develop their safety management systems and operations procedures.

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