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SMS Audit

Putting in place a well-developed and practical Safety Management System is fundamental in managing a safe and productive rail operation.  Performing systematic audits of the safety management system is an excellent way of ensuring the SMS is current and relevant.

A well developed Safety Management System is the cornerstone of managing a rail operation, large or small.  This working document brings together all the key facets of managing a rail operation into one place.  It is the source of information about the operation as well as the information base for anyone new to the operation.  The CHTRS is a valuable asset for any client wanting assistance to develop their safety management system.

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An ongoing function of a safety management system is auditing it to ensure things are being done as stated.  In Alberta this audit is mandatory.  Industrial railways in Alberta are required to conduct self-audits for at least 2 of the 3 years in their operating authority renewal cycles.  Category 1 and 2 sites are required to have a 3rd party audit in their 3rd year.

To support this The CHTRS provides:

  • SMS Self-Audit courses
  • SMS Self-Auditing support
  • 3rd party SMS Audit services