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Incident Investigation Training

Injuries as a result of incidents can be very minor to, sadly, at the extreme a loss of life. The costs of incidents can vary from negligible to millions of dollars. Once events begin to unfold and an incident occurs it is really a roll of the dice as to what the results will be. Relying on luck is no way to operate a business.

Investigating incidents such that true root causes are identified allows for the implementation of remedial measures to prevent reoccurrence.

Investigating incidents in a rail yard requires knowledge of the operating practices as well as the physical characteristics of the equipment and infrastructure used in a rail yard operation. Further one must be able to identify abnormalities in both these aspects in order to establish true root causes. This course provides the opportunity to become better acquainted with doing rail incident investigations that get to true root causes.

Course Details

The following subjects will be covered in this course:

  • Why Investigate
  • Be prepared for the investigation
  • Site securement
  • Gathering the facts and data
  • Analysis
  • Identifying cause
  • Developing recommendations
  • Communication
  • Follow –up
  • Resources