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Industrial Railway Training

The experience and knowledge of CHTR is at the top of the field in industrial railway training.

What are Industrial Railways?

Industrial railways are typically customers of the Class 1 (CN and CPR) or short line railways. Since just about all railway traffic in North America originates and/or terminates on a siding or industrial spur of some sort, these operations form an integral part of the railway system. In Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia the term Industrial Railway has been formalized to describe these operations in the respective provincial regulations governing railway safety. The term is becoming more commonly used across the railway industry in North America to describe these operations.

Why Train with Us?

The CHTRS has played a leadership role in Alberta in assisting the industry to adapt regulations specific to the operations of industrial railways. These industrial railway regulations have been used by the authorities in BC in shaping their regulations. As such, CHTRS has an intimate knowledge of the regulations when it comes to designing its training courses for industrial railways. The CHTRS also places high importance on the value of and in providing a practical hands-on application in its training courses.

How Does it Work?

We can travel to your location to provide customized on-site training. We further have access to live industrial rail operations within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, central Alberta, or in southern Manitoba where practical training can be performed.

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