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Industrial Railway Locomotive Operations Training

Many Industrial Railways are now responsible to do their own switching inside their gates.  The service carriers will drop off and pick up rail cars from designated tracks and it is up to the industrial railway to provide the switching necessary to position the rail cars for loading or unloading and then place them for pick up by the service carrier.

In these cases, the industrial railway needs to follow railway regulations and safety practices to do the switching safely and productively.  Typically the industrial railway will use either a locomotive engine or a rail car mover for this purpose.

This course is for employees who move rail cars operating a locomotive engine.  This is a 3 to 4-day course depending upon the complexity of the operation and experience of the participants.

Module 1 – Core Safety

  • Introduction
  • Job briefings/tool box meeting
  • Yard safety
  • Handling Switches
  • Handling Derails
  • Track Protection
  • Working around equipment
  • Entrain and detrain stationary equipment safely and properly
  • Entrain and detrain a locomotive safely and properly
  • Entrain and detrain moving equipment properly and safely
  • Crossing over stationary equipment
  • Riding equipment

Module 2 – Freight Car Inspection

  • Introduction
  • Reporting Defects
  • Identifying defects

Module 3 – Car Securement

  • Introduction
  • Vertical Wheel Handbrake
  • Car braking systems

Module 4 – Car Air Brakes

  • Introduction
  • Components
  • Operation
  • Working with car air brakes
  • Background information

Module 5 – Locomotive Inspection

  • Explain the Locomotive Inspections that are required
  • Conduct a proper Pre-use Locomotive Inspection
  • Perform a proper Locomotive Brake test
  • Conduct a Cold Start Locomotive Inspection

Module 6 – Locomotive Operation

  •  Identify and explain the key components of the locomotive braking system
  • Demonstrate the positions on the Automatic Brake Valve Handle
  • Operate the Automatic Brake Valve to effectively and safely slow, control, and stop movements
  • Operate the Independent Brake to effectively and safely slow, control, and stop movements
  • Recognize a penalty application
  • Recover from a penalty application
  • Recover an emergency application
  • Safely start a locomotive diesel engine
  • Safely move a locomotive
  • Safely stop a locomotive under normal operating conditions
  • Safely shut down a locomotive engine

Module 7 – Switching Operations

  • Preparation
  • Communication
  • Initiate the movement
  • Controlling a movement
  • Coupling
  • Shove movement
  • Spotting cars

Industrial Railway Operating Rules

  • The operating rules are presented in the context of the yard operation.
  • A separate written test is administered as part of the training.

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